07 November 2016
  • Artist
  • Label
  • Forward
  • Vittek Records
Forward formed in Bergamo, Italy, in 2009.
After various demos and live performances, in May 2015 they were noticed by Matteo De
Napoli, FIL1933 Group artistic producer, which, pleasantly impressed by their sound,
offered them a contract. The band signed for FIL1933 Group and DANYMAN RECORDS in
July 2015.
After several months working with the production during rehearsals, in December 2015
Forward entered “La Maison de la Musique”,the recording studios owned by FIL group, to
record their first album, “Nebula”.
Recordings, which lasted about a month, brought to light an album characterized by a
british impact with electronic influences; a modern but at the same time elegant and
refined work. In studio mainly attention was focused on vocal parts, which resulted at the
end full of harmonizations and classical concepts, and this is with no doubt a point of
strength of the album comparing it to similar genre products.
Overall, Forward genre is characterized mainly by a deep voice and by the contrast
between melodic guitars (full of reverbs and delays) and a pounding rhythm, which is due
to the presence of energic bass lines (obtained with distortions, modulation effects, synth
effects) that are mixed perfectly with the drums patterns. As said before, songs go usually
with electronic sounds, generated by keybords or samples.
Currently only one single, “Crossroads”, has been extracted from the album. The song,
released on 18/03/2016, obtained good result in few months.